Logo & Branding

If you want to succeed in your business you must pair your products and/or services with a developed brand. From logo design to overall business identity, I help develop a consistent brand and message across multiple marketing channels. Allow me to help you create the stuff that makes people notice your business.

Photography & Video

I can create visual content for your business and/or product. Whether you need a brief video ad or visual content for your website and marketing, I can make that happen for you. Please contact me today to learn more about my photography and videography services.

Print & Graphic Design

Posters, book covers, album covers, business cards, and more. I can design what you need for any occasion. I also specialize in custom art prints and composite photography design that can be arranged in a large print format. The ideas are almost endless.

Web Design

While my primary focus is design and strategy, I also provide web development (typically via HTML, CSS, and jQuery). We also have a handful of great partner developers that we engage when it comes to heavier lifting.

Music and Jingles

You might need background music to your video, or intro music for a show. If you need custom music to enhance what you’re trying to present, I can help. Intro music, jingles, and more. Nothing like a good “earworm” to help captivate your audience.

Custom Character Design

Moments come along where you need something a little more customized than just plain clip art. Creating a character or mascot for your business is not problem. Contact me to help get started on sketches and explore how we can bring your ideas to life.

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